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Superhero T-shirts


We have just come back from seeing some of Boo’s friends who were at the superhero party. It was wonderful to see one of them wearing the t-shirts that we made for everyone. I really wanted the kids to feel loved and special (and like superheros) and so I decided to make t-shirts for all of them. I can’t stand iron on transfers because after a few washes they crumble and fall apart and so after finding a t-shirt printing method on Pinterest we set out to make individualised superhero t-shirts for all the kids who came (and a few who couldn’t). I would post the link to the original idea here, but I can’t find it now!

I first found out everyone’s sizes and favourite colors (a big thing for 5 year olds) and designed a template using the superman insignia as a starting point. I made the individual designs on photoshop and then printed them out with a dark outline onto printer paper. I then used freezer paper and cut out the design with a craft knife and ironed the freezer paper onto the t-shirt. This creates a kind of stencil, which is easy to paint on. I kept forgetting to also put a layer of freezer paper inside the t-shirt to stop the paint seeping through to the back, but fortunately, I remembered before it was too late!

On the first batch of t-shirts I used a bottle of Tulip Fabric spray paint (in glitter), this worked well enough, but needed lots of coats to not be patchy. I then switched to white and silver fabric paint, which personally I preferred I found it easier to get an even coat and the effect was more striking.

Freezer paper ironed on t-shirt

Freezer paper ironed on t-shirt

Glitter paint applied

Glitter paint applied


After the paint was dry, I just peeled off the freezer paper and ironed the t-shirts that needed to have the paint fixed. We were so happy with the results. I can’t wait to make some more one-of-a-kind -shirts in the not too distant future.

All the t-shirts ready to be packed into gift boxes.

All the t-shirts ready to be packed into gift boxes.


2 thoughts on “Superhero T-shirts

  1. Is there a T- shirt for SupaMom hmmm?!! Well done Kirbs, what an awesome idea…thank you for entering our challenge!!!!!

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